Incomma review From Mr. Stephen Richardson, BC, Canada

Incomma “Open Your Eyes” 1st EP Album review,

Incomma’s sound is funky, powerful and tight. Each track builds with a smoldering intensity that is only made more enticing by the prowess of two powerful guest female vocalists. On the title track “Open Your Eyes” the guitarist lays down a propulsive Jamiroquai inspired groove and the bass and drums lock in to keep it all infectious. Incomma wants to get you out of your seat, to get out of your head and to lead you to the jazz infused sexy heat of their dance floor.  On “Ride” the band hints at the named group’s Virtual Insanity but then heads in their own direction with guest singer Elena floating over a groove laden rhythm section. The trio lays back a bit on the third track, brings in a muted trumpet solo and shows that they are more than competent transitioning between the upbeat dance to a slower modern jazz feel.

With future international musical collaborations planned Incomma is sure to be a band on the rise!

From Stephen Richardson,

Double D Rockstar Studios® Guitarist, Composer, Educator, Music Critic

Stephen Richardson




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